Our tests are designed for rapid screening of OIL , NAPLs and DNAPLs in soil, in water and on surfaces. All of our tests only require you to supply one reagent potable WATER at room temperature or above. Time wasted during screening for hydrocarbons (NAPLs) or DNAPLs is money wasted. Our tests give results in 5 sec. to 1 minute. Our tests are not analytical but indicate the presence or absence of NAPLs or DNAPLs between 10 ppm to 500 ppm or less in some cases.

The OIL-IN-SOIL™ field screening test kits are useful tools for reducing the cost of spills and Phase I and Phase II site assessments. Our test kits help you rapidly delineate the perimeter, depth and direction of spills in soil. They are also often used with core samples to identify organic substances. Our OIL-IN-SOIL™ tests use color to indicate the presence or absence of NAPL or DNAPL. OIL-IN-SOIL™ is available with, SUDAN IV dye or a non mutagenic bright red azo dye or a royal blue anthraquinone dye, useful for red color soils.
Easy to use

Rapid delineation of hydrocarbons and DNAPL spill boundaries in soil, results in more rapid removal of contaminants from the environment thus resulting in lower costs for your project. All the OIL-IN-SOIL™ kits are easy to use even with minimal training of unskilled labor!


The whole process from measuring the sample, adding the water, shaking the jar and observing the results takes less than 3 minutes !


Our kits are $5.75 per kit sold in boxes of 50 kits at $275 per Box.


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